Do you perform ADHD testing and assessments?
ADHD testing is a small part of our initial assessment, however, we do not do a focused assessment for this diagnosis. To receive a diagnosis for ADHD, brain mapping and neurofeedback would need to be pursued.

Do you accept insurance?
Our office does not accept insurance; However, that does not mean your sessions will not be covered. In our office, we have procedure codes on our client invoices. These codes tell your insurance company what treatment you are receiving and how much you are paying out-of-pocket for it. When you submit these invoices to your insurance company, depending on your plan and your provider, they may cover some of your treatment. Additionally, if you are wanting to see how much your insurance company will cover before you decide to pursue treatment, we can provide you with these codes and prices ahead of time. You have the option to call our office to answer any questions you may have before you speak with insurance, or we have a document that may help walk you through the call to your insurance provider. The document titled “Getting The Most From Your Insurance” below should be useful with any calls to your insurance company.

Getting the Most From Your Insurance

Do you take walk-ins?
We operate by appointment only and do not accept walk-ins.

How long before I actually begin sessions?
After completing your initial intake appointment, we will have you come in for a brain map. Processing your brain map will take between 2-4 weeks. After your brain map is processed, we will call you in for a review, and individual neurofeedback sessions can start within 1-2 weeks of your review.

Can I have a brain map and not continue with sessions?
Of course, we review a host of options at the brain map review. However, we will need an intake assessment before we can get you in for a brain map.

How often should I have sessions?
Dr. Black recommends 2 sessions per week for people new to neurofeedback. The frequency of sessions can decrease depending on your goal achievement and progress.

Do you accept brain maps from other doctors?
It depends on how long it’s been since you had your last brain map and what brain map equipment your doctor used. Please call for more details regarding this issue.

When will I get a diagnosis?
Diagnoses are typically issued within 10 sessions of beginning treatment and are discussed during treatment planning.

When Can I Get An Appointment?

First-time appointments to discuss whether or not neurofeedback may be your best option can typically be scheduled within a few months. However, appointments for regularly scheduled neurofeedback may take longer. We currently maintain a waiting list for new neurofeedback patients. Because appointment times each week are guaranteed, certain slots become available as others complete their neurofeedback training.

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